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TexasGolfOn is a service of Texas Links Magazines, which has been publishing the nation's best local golf magazines since 2005.

Always striving to find new and better ways to serve the Texas golf community, we launched TexasGolfOn to create a win-win situation for golf courses and golfers, both of whom have been hit hard by the slow economy of the past three years.

about_us_texas_golf_onWe give golf courses, clubs and resorts --in exchange for the privilege of selling discounted tee times at their course-- all the power of Texas Links' print, internet and e-mail marketing services at no out-of-pocket expense. That helps our courses extend their reach beyond their normal customer base and attract new players. And we give golfers—many of whom have seen their nest egg shrink or lost their job—a chance to keep playing the game they love by taking advantage of big discounts at our fine courses.

We can't think of a better win-win situation in these economic times. We hope you use our site often, tell your friends about it, and thank our participating courses for making these great savings available to you.

Our Texas Links Magazines staff has more than 70 years' experience reporting for major daily newspapers. We take pride in making every edition of our magazines newsy, relevant and informative. We cover golf in the professional, reverent manner worthy of a game that means so much to so many men, women, juniors, seniors and golf professionals throughout the state.