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There are five major elements in putting: Alignment, Stroke Mechanics, Touch/Distance Control, Perception/Green Reading Skills and Mental Focus. You can learn to master each one of these skills, eliminate your three-putts, and make more pars and birdies.


The Putting T-Bar is the ultimate training aid designed to teach you the two fundamental elements of Alignment and Stroke Mechanics. Just read the testimonials below from a few very accomplished golf instructors using The Putting T-Bar in their instruction.


Just introduced this year, over 150 very talented teaching professionals have already incorporated The Putting T-Bar into their instruction. And the number of golf instructors using it is growing everyday.


Normally available only through instructors, now you can purchase the ultimate golf training aid through at a very special price of $95 with free shipping. That’s a savings of $14.95, and a very small price to pay to start shaving strokes from your score.


Why is The Putting T-Bar so effective? Different from most putting aids that sit on the ground and have you trace or guide a path with your putter head, the Putting T-Bar actually trains the body motion that creates the correct putter path, or what I call the synchronized putting stroke. The Putting T-Bar effectively addresses four key attributes of alignment and stroke:


1. It sets the shoulder line square to the putter face.

2. It provides a visual guide to set the shoulder parallel to the putt line or start line. The combination of square shoulders to the putter face and parallel to the start line ensure accurate alignment.

3. It provides the key feedback of the synchronization of the shoulders, arms, hands, and putter motion.

4. It provides a visual aid to guide the shoulders to move on the putting stroke plane.


Why is the synchronized putting stroke so important? With the technological advances in grasses, putting greens are cut al least 50% shorter than just twenty years ago. As a result, the methodology of putting strokes has evolved to suit the needs. No longer are there putting strokes equipped to hit or “pop” the ball to create the needed momentum. Modern putting strokes are designed for control and accuracy.


Rick Wright, one of the original pioneers in putter fitting, created a crude version of the current Putting T-Bar two years ago to enhance his instruction. The feedback it provided to his students was amazing.  It provided that “aha, now I get it,” moment during a typical putting session. Prodding by his many students and other golf instructors convinced him to refine the design and put it on the market.


While this special price is only available through, you can visit Rick’s website at and learn about alignment, stroke mechanics, touch/distance control, and perception/green reading. These are all skills that can be learned to set you on your way to improved performance. Or, secure a one-on-one putting session with Rick to increase your skills and have your putter custom fit to further enhance your skills.


Below are unsolicited testimonials from T-Bar instructors and users:


"Rick, I am using the T-Bar with every lesson now. The success has been incredible. It gives my students the feel and the feedback that they have never had. It's really a great item. "

--Mike Shannon, PGA Instructor, Top 50 Golf Digest Teacher, Sea Island Resort, St. Simons Island, GA


“Rick, your T-Bar is genius in its simplicity. Not only does it connect the golfer fundamentally, it results in a much better ball roll profile.”

--Glen Coombe, "The Putting Doctor,” Sumter, SC


I used the T-Bar briefly with our Men’s club champion this eve...he walked off the 9th hole disgusted with his putting stroke/technique and wanted an answer I just quickly put the T-Bar on his putter, and connected his hands in a bit better position & pressure..and he was gob smacked and over the moon!! He saw it & FELT it immediately!!! It was all of 10 minutes, and he was rolling it with total confidence.

--Jeff Howe, Golf Professional and Certified Putting Zone Instructor, Ontario, Canada


"The T-Bar is the best teaching tool I have ever used for putting. I believe it provides the feedback that you can't communicate to your student. I also think about half of my students will purchase the T-Bar."

--Don Willingham, PGA, The Golf Station, Euless, TX


"Thanks for sending me the T-Bar, it is great.  I have been using it every day and love it.  Also, I brought it into Interlachen CC and showed it to a couple of the Pros here and they would love to order one for teaching.  I would like to order two more if possible for two instructors here."

--Brian Bohlig, PGA Instructor, Interlachen CC, Edina, MN


"The T-Bar is ON FIRE. Everyone that I have worked with wants one. I sure hope others are experiencing the same thing."

--Bill Smittle, PGA, Head Professional, Scarsdale Golf Club, Hartsdale, NY


"Rick, just wanted to let you know that the T-Bar I ordered has shown tremendous results... I have been using it with a very good high school player of mine and her stroke has improved tremendously and immediately! On a personal note, I have NEVER putted better myself. Shot 66 last week with 1.3 putts per GIR and rolled it just as well my next two rounds!"

--Ron Herridge, PGA Instructor, GC at Walden on Lake Conroe, TX


"Rick... I have used the T-bar 4 times so far... 2 adults and 2 children. In both cases, they were able to feel the movement so much better, that it made it evident to them that what they thought they felt was not what they actually wanted to feel, and were trying to feel. This is a very effective aide. As a side note, the huge improvement was in the children...amazing!"

--Cary Lonis, Director of Golf, North Augusta G&CC, North Augusta, SC


"I want to echo whatever accolades are coming your way about the Putting T-Bar.  It's the best training aid I have used for putting."

--Roger Lundy, PGA, Academy Director, Gongaware Indiana Golf Academy, Franklin, IN


"Gave two Putting clinics in the last two weeks and I am amazed at; 1.) How few people will take the time out to learn about putting, and 2.) The ones that do are like sponges, absorbing and grateful for the information given... People love the T-Bar.”

--Ed Angulo, PGA, Paia, HI


"Bill Smittle, my Golf Professional at Scarsdale Golf Club, gave me a quick tutorial and I immediately ordered the Putting T-Bar from him. I received it a couple of days ago and the device is off the charts great! I am a serious golfer who believes in the importance of feel - I have never had the opportunity to practice with a golf aid that replicates proper feel, coupled with alignment and technique like the Putting T-Bar. Bravo to you, your invention, and to Bill Smittle for helping promote it. I should add that your website is really well done and most generous in terms of putting knowledge dispensed...I Captain a US Ryder Cup-format Team of 10 that will be playing in Scotland this September - it is likely that I will order 19 T-Bars (I have one!) from Bill Smittle as gifts for all participants.”

--Mark Cohen, Scarsdale GC Member, Hartsdale, NY


"I received the Putting T-Bar. This is one of the best products/training aids that I've had the pleasure of using. My putting immediately improved. It really demonstrates how to properly move your shoulders during a putt. Good luck with your product!"

--Carey N. Bos, FL


"Rick - that was the best lesson I have ever had, putting or otherwise.  Also, I hugely appreciate the follow up email. No other instructor does this, which I think is essential in order to improve.  I will recommend you to my friends."

--Will Williams, Dallas, TX



Video Highlights


Introducing the Putting T-Bar 

This video introduces the teaching aid called The Putting T-Bar. Putting specialist and inventor, Rick Wright, and golf instructor Michael Brisbance explain the four main benefits: 1.) squares the shoulders to the putter, 2.) guides proper set-up with shoulders square to the putt start line, and 3.) transmits feel and feedback of the single-plane stroke with the shoulders, arms, hands, and putter all moving in synch, 4.) the crossbar will indicate a single-plane motion by movement up and down on-plane.



Importance of Proper Alignment, Set-up and Stroke 

This video explains the three analytical elements of putting: 1.) proper alignment,  2.) proper set-up, and 3.) proper stroke mechanics and how The Putting T-Bar addresses each element.



The Putting T-Bar Benefits  

This video explains  the benefits of The Putting T-Bar as presented by putting specialist and inventor, Rick Wright. The four main benefits include: 1.) squares your shoulders to your putter face, 2.) squares your shoulders to your putting start line, 3.) it allows you to feel synchronized motion of the shoulders, arms, hands, and putter, and 4.) the crossbar indicates the single-plane stroke by its upward and downward motion. 



How to Attach the T-Bar 

This video demonstrates how easy it is to attach The Putting T-Bar to your putter.

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